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 Commands Guide

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PostSubject: Commands Guide   Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:55 am

A Command is basically a shortcut in game. For example, if you type ;;train or ::train in-game, you will be teleported to a training area automatically.


    - ;;home / ::home - takes you to the starting area
    - ;;train / ::train - takes you to a low-leveled training area
    - ;;gwd / ::gwd - takes you to god wars dungeon
    - ;;kbd / ::kbd - takes you to the king black dragon
    - ;;help / ::help - allows you to seek help from support / staff
    - ;;lockxp / ::lockxp - you are now unable to gain xp in any skills
    - ;;unlockxp / ::unlockxp - you may now re-enable xp gain
    - ;;commands / ::commands - shows a list of every command available to non-donor and non-staff accounts


    - ;;yell / ::yell - yell allows you to send a message that appears to everyone in-game at the time
    - ;;bank / ::bank - allows you to access your bank from anywhere except minigames and any pvp areas
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Commands Guide
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